If you've stumbled upon this page - Hooray!!

I just want to let you guyz know, that I'm totally up for rp's (though I prefer 1 on 1 and over e-mail or IM), of a variety of genres and both canon and OC! If you're interested in co-creating something and letting our imagination run away with us, then I'd love to be your partner! PM or comment to me in order for us to get in contact! (I'm not listing here all the fandoms that I'm interested in, but there are LOTS, including from movies, games, anime, mythology, as well as original characters and stories). I take great care in crafting worlds along with others, as it gives me much joy, and I hope it inspires you as well. So yep, drop me a line if you're interested.
Just as a side note though, my favourite types are of course slash and yaoi (as you might have guessed from my username), I do love smut, but also a good story is a must. (Oh and I play bottoms/ukes, though of various kinds, depending on the characters/story.)

Hope to hear from you! :)


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